Insurance Industry Town Hall

August 5, 2020

Amidst a global pandemic and catastrophic-level losses from riots, the U.S. insurance industry is now staring down the barrel of the 2020 hurricane season. Measurement and coverage issues around wide area damage have never been more complex or uncertain – not to mention an unprecedented court case brought on by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK on behalf of policyholders looking at causation in relation to BI insurance policies.

Watch our second CAT Response 2020 Insurance Industry Town Hall and learn how wide area damage (WAD) stemming from a hurricane or natural disaster in the midst of COVID and the current environment is likely to impact business interruption policy coverage and calculations.

You'll Learn:

  • Evolution of wide area damage and concurrent causes of loss - before and after the pandemic
  • Key factors influencing coverage and measurement of loss related to wide area damage
  • Real world example of applying the “but for” test to WAD claims resulting from catastrophic events
  • Proximate cause and the difference between independent vs interdependent concurrent causes of loss when it comes to insurance coverage
  • How COVID is likely to impact BI claims during the 2020 hurricane season
  • How results of the FCA’s court case will impact future questions of causation related to PD/BI policies



David Bosley

Joe Scarlato
President, International
Lowers Forensics International

Damian Cleary
Managing Director
DCThree Services

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