Insights and Best Practices for Handlers of High-Value Assets

For business owners and insurance providers, the holidays are always stressful. This year, as annual revenue goals clash with inflation, skyrocketing food prices, and a 1600% jump in cyber-crime – not to mention the personnel challenges brought on by the Great Resignation and the normal increase in crime during the holidays – handling high-value assets safely while preventing fraud is more important than ever.

In this eBook, we’ve outlined key strategies, insights, examples, and actions your organization or clients can take to avoid complacency and proactively prevent fraud during the holiday season.

You’ll learn:

  • Why fraud prevention always matters
  • How human capital risk and the Fraud Triangle are related
  • New ways technology and data can help control fraud
  • 4 ways complacency and fraud work together (and how to avoid them)
  • Easy applications of fraud risk management principles for modern challenges
  • Steps to take to mitigate fraud during the holidays (and year-round)
  • And more

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